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How to set up a DIY Photo Booth at your wedding party on a Mac (including apps download)


In the past month, Francis and I have been thinking hard on a substitution to having our guests sign a guestbook. Something sweet, fun and, hopefully, creative that we can easily take out from time to time to reminisce with (as we don’t believe looking at signatures will do the job). After plenty of research on the Internet, we both decided that we’d like to have a photo booth. We would like every guest to at least have one go at the photo booth which will be situated at the reception area where the guestbook table is supposed to be.


Without even having to ask around, we know that renting a real photo booth is not what we can afford. We decided to surf online for DIY solutions. We tried a couple of free apps but one is outdated and the other buggy. I have also considered David Cline’s Photo Booth app but I’d really hope to use more features. Therefore, I have finally sat down to create my own solution that turned out to be something we are very happy with. In fact, I have developed two apps that automate the photo-taking and printing and they work slightly different from each other. This is what they do:


App 1: 1001 Photo Booth that takes Low Res Snaps

1. Launches a screensaver that shows all pictures that have been taken at this Photo Booth when the computer is idle.

2. When someone is ready to take a photo, it prompts the user for the name.

3. A computerized voice says, “Ready? 3. 2. 1.”

4. 4 snaps of the user are taken.

5. The photos are arranged in a strip vertically.

6. The photo strip is printed out.

7. A folder with the user’s name is created to contain all the snapshots of this user including the final photo strip PDF file for the host’s keepsake or for uploading and sharing later.


App 2: 1001 Photo Booth that takes High Res Snaps

1. Launches a screensaver that shows all pictures that have been taken at this Photo Booth when the computer is idle.

2. When someone is ready to take a photo, it prompts the user for the name.

3. Apple’s built-in “Photo Booth” program is launched and the user can take time to pose and select effects.

4. User clicks a “CONTINUE” button on a dialog box to continue the automated process (not the “Take Picture” button in Photo Booth).

5. A computerized voice says, “Ready? 3. 2. 1.”

6. 4 snaps of the user are taken automatically.

7. Photos are arranged into a strip vertically.

8. The photo strip is printed out.

9. All images including the final photo strip pdf files titled with the users’ names are stored in one folder.


I would say both apps are sweet in their own ways. The Low Res one has a better final strip layout and minimizes guests’ use of the keyboard and mouse as some hosts may want it this way. Intervals between shots are slightly longer and the output files are saved in a more organized manner. The High Res one has more options for users to play with their photos (more time for poses and they can choose effects for their photos) but the files are all saved in one folder (with the photo strips titled with the users’ names). For more effects for your Apple built-in Photo Booth to go with this option, you can visit this link.


Now the hardware part. For those who are really new to this idea, here is a list of what you will need to set up a Photo Booth at your party:


1. A Mac running OS X 10.5 (Snow Leopard) or later, with a built-in or a USB iSight camera

2. A standard ink-jet/photo printer and sheets of 4×6 photo paper

3. A physical “Photo Booth” that can be made out of really handy and simple materials. Make space for 2-5 people in front of the computer with a paper or IKEA shower curtain backdrop behind. Props that your guests can use in the photos will add extra fun. We are going to use toy food and desserts to go with our theme!


That’s it! This is all you need to make your birthday party, baby shower, bridal shower, anniversary or wedding party awesome and memorable.


If you are interested in using my apps for a Photo Booth at your party, you can donate to our wedding fund and I will email you both apps and all the necessary files from 3-12 hours. You can then pick the app that suits your need.


I have tested my 1001 Photo Booth apps on various machines including iMac i5, MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo, MacBook Air i5 on Leopard and Snow Leopard. I still haven’t got the time to develop an FAQ or knowledge base for the app. If any of you have problems with using the apps, I will try my best to help sort out as I have already hit endless walls before arriving to these pretty perfect final products. You can email me at the address you find on the right column of every page of this website.


So here is the link to donate and get the apps.


Donate & Download

System Requirements: Macintosh running OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or later with either a built-in iSight, or Mac mini with Mac-compatible webcam (UVC Device)


2011年 12月 回顧

過咗個聖誕同新年假,無停過出街食嘢同同朋友聚會(同埋我地自己拍拖),加上呢個禮拜病到死咗,要快手 update 吓呢個 blog 先。等我就一次過紀錄喺呢個假期裡面 wedding 方面嘅 update 啦!


1)經過非常愉快嘅兩個假期,我體重不但無重返,竟然係仲輕咗。正確嚟講,由 Francis 同我求婚嗰日嘅十月一號開始起計,到到宜家一月頭,我輕咗6kg. 慢就係慢啲,但係我知道要慢慢減先健康,同埋我揾到適合自己嘅方法減,可以照食大部分我鍾意食嘅嘢,唔會好 depressed, 或者因為過度壓抑自己而形成反彈效果(即係我之前咁多年裡面每次減肥嘅結果)! 我計過,如果我照我宜家個進度,然後到3月開始暴力做運動,到我4月影第一輯結婚相時應該已經好ok! 而如果可以繼續個進度到十月,到 wedding 時就更可以完全達標!我好為咗自己呢個進度而覺得好驕傲,特別係對於我竟然喺自己最鍾意嘅聖誕節度都無重到,感到非常自豪!快啲幫手俾啲叻嚟!


2) 喺放聖誕假前,因為順便買埋有幾個聖誕 party 嘅交換禮物,我喺淘寶度買定咗啲結婚時要用嘅嘢。由12個唔同嘅賣家寄出嘅嘢,發去我一向用開喺廣州嘅利發物流;物流公司再幫我轉發嚟香港。我啲嘢加加埋埋成架 van 個後尾箱塞買晒咁多同好重好重,經物流公司轉發嚟香港只係80蚊港紙!真係平死、平死、平死!我個好姊妹 Angus 有見及此已經同我攞咗個物流公司 contact. 聽講佢啱啱買咗兩個大櫃送上門都係130蚊運費,呢件就真係名副其實抵死、抵死、抵死!


豬 acandystore x 衰 UPS
3) 兩單好消息後,係一件幾古靈精怪北美洲嘅事。除咗喺淘寶買咗嗰啲嘢外,因為我嘅多年好友 Katy Tsim 返加拿大探親兼放假。我有見及此,梗係又再訂啲糖麻煩 Katy 幫我帶返嚟。因為今次 Katy 係由加拿大返,上次寄去 Connie 度嗰間如果寄去加拿大嘅話運費幾貴吓,所以今次要再揾第二間。最後揾咗一間叫 嘅嘢,啲糖嘅價錢唔單只 competitive,連埋運費同有張 discount coupon 係我揾到嘅 shop 當中價錢最平!於是乎我就連忙落 order, 好等啲嘢可以 well before Katy 離開加拿大前可以送到去,唔駛趕頭趕命。喺呢個時候,有兩個幸福位。第一個係,我每一次有呢啲舊朋友義不容辭咁幫我手我結婚啲嘢,我都覺得好感動,因為我知道就算人地顯得幾無所謂都好,都係真係要將自己嘅嘢暫時擺埋一邊,去花時間幫你;第二,係我覺得我自己喺呢個年代結婚好幸福。有 whatsapp 同 facebook 呢啲發明,令我同遠方幫我嘅朋友可以緊密聯繫,令到件事事半功倍。就係因為咁,有一日我突然收到 Katy whatsapp 話 UPS 同佢地講要佢地預備 50 蚊加幣喺送貨時要收埋!我當堂嚇一跳!我喺 度睇到,知道佢地 as usual 無收我地稅,但係會喺包裹上面講明貨品幾多錢,然後過關時海關就要打啲基本稅,UPS 就會送貨時同我地收埋。但係我啲糖加埋先得嗰七十幾蚊加紙,啲稅收到足都係十蚊加紙左右,因乜事 UPS 要我地俾五十幾蚊(即係要成港幣400蚊)!!??後來我喺網上面揾到啲資料,知道原來間衰 UPS, 因為如果佢地喺海關度幫你俾咗稅先,就會收你呢個所謂 brokerage fee 嘅墊支服務費,往往係你產品總值嘅 50%,亦即係變相吸血貴利!! 呢啲資料喺 度完全無提,令我呢個網上購物老sfut 有被瞞騙嘅愚蠢感覺!而 UPS 唔肯收返件貨,acandystore 又詐傻扮矇唔覆我。我計過數,俾咗呢50蚊就每條糖貴咗1蚊港紙左右,唯有算數,叫 Katy 幫我照俾。咁我諗住,算啦,當學下嘢,知道 UPS 係咁衰,叫埋全部 friend 以後唔好用,當幫埋佢地梗,始終都係抵咗。但係點知,過咗兩日,UPS 又再 delivery 一個一模一樣嘅包裹俾 Katy, 同埋再收佢一次 brokerage fee. 我上網做 tracking 先發現到原來 acandystore 低能仔將我個 order send 咗三次出嚟,我第二同第三包淨係俾 brokerage fee 就有咁多糖就真係好抵!雖然好可惜最後唔知點解第三件收唔到,可能 acandystore 發現得早縮得切,不過我已經賺咗一次,已經好開心!雖然今次acandystore 唔老實,但我都賺咗,全靠 Katy 幫我之外,我開始覺得我阿媽帶我嚟呢個世界嘅目的唔係教小朋友、唔係幫家長,而係上網買嘢。我真係開始深深咁相信……:D


誠意做裙小店 Joie
4) 之前寫咗一篇關於新興嘅內地婚紗廠網店,話我打算會揾一間叫 嘅訂做婚紗。今次又有出人意表嘅發展喇!話說我未揾到 dressilyme 之前有嘗試過吓揾香港嘅做婚紗,始終覺得三口六面好溝通啲。但係我揾過嘅一係感覺好吹水或好敷衍(可能好多人齋問唔幫襯),一係就好貴,所以好快我就放棄咗。到當我準備想同 dressilyme confirm 邊隻顏色時,突然間有一間我之前問過叫 Joie 嘅做裙公司,但佢地話佢地只係做開姊妹裙,雖然佢叫我照 send 條婚紗啲圖俾佢睇,但係大家都無再 follow up. 但係佢突然打嚟話幫我揾到條裙,問我咩碼,話 send 落嚟俾我睇。點知一個禮拜後,就再 call 我話條裙做好咗叫我佢試!我非常之咁驚訝佢地嘅誠意,原來佢地係幫我做條裙止啱,同埋我完全未俾 deposit 嘅情況下佢照幫我做。雖然可能最後價錢唔啱,但佢地咁有誠意,我覺得都係要上去試吓嘅。我上到去佢地旺角嘅樓上小店,發現原來係一個女仔負責晒所有嘢,佢攞條裙出嚟俾我睇,簡直係同我要嘅幾乎一模一樣!但係可惜溝通上我地有啲誤會,我俾佢個碼係我諗住減完肥個碼,咁即係,嘻嘻,條裙太太太細,我嘗試著上身要喺後面加一塊先似著起咗條裙。但係價錢方面,完全啱晒我地 budget, 所以我當場就決定咗揾佢地!宜家只係等我減多啲肥,再上去度身做過條啱 size 啱顏色嘅(廠嗰邊睇圖理解錯咗前有部份個顏色)。結婚有呢啲咁峰迴路轉嘅發展我覺得真係好好玩呀!


5) 我地嘅回禮製作已經進行得如火如荼。但因為我地係全自己 idea, 揾人訂做。但係我地聽講如果揾內地嘅廠做嘢千萬唔好要佢地 improvise 同執生,一定要講到清清楚楚,最好有晒圖同白紙黑字。於是乎,以防萬一,唔好得個講字,我地揾咗 Francis 工作上嘅好拍檔德哥,麻煩佢用佢超凡嘅畫工幫我地將腦裡面個設計畫出嚟,等個廠照住做。我識咗 Francis 就嚟四年,成日聽 Lofan 讚德哥有幾勁,今次終於、終於親眼見到之餘,仲可以用到德哥嘅才華,真係好光榮同感動!雖然個製成品未見到,但係德哥幅圖根本就係 exactly 我想要嘅嘢,我絕對相信德哥 crossover 我地內地嘅同胞唔會讓我失望!希望你地都鍾意我地個回禮啦!


呢一回咁長篇大論,你如果到呢度仲睇緊咁行動證明你都真係幾關心我地。你值得留個言俾我知道我有個咁好嘅朋友!And see you around soon!


Pre-Pre-wedding Photo 全紀錄


其實我同老番都一把年紀,如果我地話拍咗拖四年一句有關結婚嘅嘢都無傾過去扮晒唔知大家點諗就呃你嘅!有我地 Facebook 嘅朋友都知道我地兩個都好鍾意泰國,一年去唔到三次都有兩次。我地之前去親曼谷好正嘅地方都講過幾次第時一定要去曼谷影結婚相。老番喺 2011 年 10 月 1 號同我求婚,雖然佢無特登夾,因為佢都無留意,但係有陣時夾都無咁準,我地可以喺 2012 年復活節用好平嘅價錢去曼谷影結婚相。


Book 機票篇


點解 10 月 先嚟 book 復活節呢個全年最 high-season 嘅機票都可以平呢?話說我個好朋友暨 The Loving Tree 嘅義務會計師 Catherine,之前成日見我 post 去曼谷啲相,就有提過揾次一齊去曼谷。咁喺 2011 年復活節期間,Air Asia 一如以往推出一年後嘅平機票。即係如果你買一年後嘅機票,可以平起碼半價。我同 Catherine 收到 email newsletter 見到呢個 promotion, 即刻較定鬧鐘喺 promotion 嗰日一早起身上佢地個網站諗住買 2012 年復活節檔期嘅機票。 其實估都估到,呢個世界仲有大把人同我地一樣咁鍾意慳錢。所以 Air Asia 個網站 hang 晒,完全 book 唔到。我地見就見到 $1300 左右一個人來回曼谷嘅機票呀,但係入完 credit card 號碼就 hang 住,一直都 load 唔到。試咗幾次都係咁,諗住無望矣,就 close window 諗住離開放棄。點知無咁容易低頭嘅 Catherine 再 click 吓 click 吓,發現到如果由澳門起飛,幾百蚊就可以來回曼谷,加上佢人脈廣可以有免費去澳門船飛,簡直係完美嘅配搭!Book 由澳門出發嘅竟然係好順利就用信用卡俾到錢!可惜……我地都嚟不及開心,當 Catherine 諗住 check email 睇睇個 booking confirmation 時,就發現原來之前香港出發個 booking 同澳門出發 Air Asia 都 charge 咗我地錢!!咁我地諗住同 Air Asia 講返叫佢退返啲錢俾我地啦!想就容易喇!呢間豆泥公司,我地最後用咗三個月時間幾經辛苦先可以攞返香港嗰程啲錢,真係少啲耐性同固執都唔得。咁到底我地係點攞返嗰呢?


話說就係,Air Asia 死都、死都、死都唔肯退返錢俾我地--我地打咗無數個電話同寫咗無數個 email 佢地都淨係用一啲 copy and paste 嘅 standard email 回覆我地,話淨係可以 credit 返入我地個 record 度,仲要我地 3 個月裡面用咗佢!!我絕對唔係一個電腦白癡,而且上網買嘢分分鐘多過佢地成 team C.S. 加埋食米。香港個 booking, 我肯定佢無 complete 個 transaction 我先離開個畫面,但原來佢地喺 back-end 過咗數!佢地呢個死霸住我地啲錢唔俾返我地嘅行為,令我同 Catherine 都谷氣到死死吓!喺呢個時候,我醒起好多年前有試過類似嘅經驗,知道如果證明到間公司貨不對辦,或者無 as promised deliver 到個 product 或者 service, 卡主係可以透過 credit card 公司攞返啲錢。於是乎,我連同所有 email record 同 Air Asia 啲 C.S. 嘅電話談話時間同內容,寫咗封 12 頁嘅信去 credit card 公司。等咗頭尾大概 3 個月時間,credit card 公司全數俾返晒啲錢我地。


經歷過呢三個月,我啲寫 complain letter 嘅能力大幅度提高。同埋有我呢個前科,如果睇到呢篇 blog 嘅你地有類似嘅經歷,要知道千祈唔好向呢啲騙子公司低頭,只要有證據,係真理必勝㗎!




雖然呢次經歷崎嶇咗啲,但係就係因為咁,我負擔得起請我個三妹 Angus 幫我去曼谷影結婚相。當我地決定咗用復活節嗰程曼谷遊做影結婚相之旅,我二話不說就決定請 Angus 去幫我地影相。之但係,當我同 Angus 講嘅時候,佢嘅反應係:「但係我唔係影開相㗎喎……」你可能諗點解我會咁沙扑請個話自己 “唔係影開相” 嘅人幫我影結婚相呢?原因有二。第一、Angus 的確唔係影開相,而係拍片嘅。但係佢 direct 嘅短片我都好欣賞同 support. 加上我見佢平時攞住部相機喺啲 party 度求祈影吓嗰啲我都覺得好靚,可能係因為拍片同影相始終係血脈相連嘅啦。第二個原因係,如果得兩個人俾我揀,一個影相叻啲,但係無咁 friend,一個 friend 啲但係無影得咁好,我一定係揀後者。何況我覺得 Angus 已經影得好夠好!所以最後 Angus 話 ok 後我就加買張機票俾佢過去做我地嘅攝影師!而我亦同 Catherine 道歉,因為會用咗幾日時間影相。大方得體嘅 Catherine 話無問題,仲話可以同佢個仔亦係我契仔 Bobby 一齊幫我地做助手添!一個影結婚相之旅就係咁就 confirm 咗喇!


Photo Courtesy of Kayi


Santa Connie

In a section of our cocktail party, we are going to need lots of candies. Needless to say, the first place I try to look for them is TAOBAO!! And of course, this place where they have everything did not fail to return some hits of candies of a huge variety. Just that, other than the categories of humans and livestock, foods is one of the very few categories which I have never purchased from Taobao. Apparently, the reason is because I have heard enough of the food manufacturing scenes in Mainland China and I want to minimize the chance of swallowing their output into our bodies. After doing a quick skim through of the available candies in this shopping heaven, since these candies are for my guests’ consumption, I decided to not get my candies there.


Then I diverted my attention to local candies. Here in Hong Kong, there is this chain of HoneyBee pick-and-weigh candy stores that are the most well-known and popular locally. I decided I would get my candies from them. However, when I looked up their product shots on their website, I found the products look really familiar- aren’t they the same candies that I had seen on Taobao!? I was trying to go for quality and turned my back to our Mother Land but it seems that they have penetrated our everyday lives in more ways that we have thought of! I am left with no other options but to go for these local stores. I shall keep my fingers crossed for a miracle that these products only look like those sold on Taobao by coincident…


Yet, the candies available at HoneyBee do not have some must-haves like jelly beans and rock candies. Well, we do have jellybeans in Hong Kong but they are of the luxurious brand Jelly Bean which is going to cost me tens of thousands for the amount I need. I then looked into some online candy stores that ship internationally. But we’re talking about shipping from the North American to Asia. These stores warn especially about the high chance of candies melting and breaking during delivery of such a long distance. I was completely stuck without knowing what to do. My determination to get them had me try my luck to ask on Facebook to see if any of my friends who still reside overseas (preferably the USA) would be coming back to Hong Kong during these times. I planned to order the candies online and ship to my friend in the US and then my friend help me hand-carry the candies back to Hong Kong for me. Then my Santa replied.


Connie Leung, my high school friend at Earl Haig in Toronto, lives with her family which includes 2 pretty children in Fairfax, Virginia. Connie and I haven’t met in plenty of years. Basically, it is as many years as I have graduated from Earl Haig. But our distance did not stop her efficiency in replying my call for help on Facebook. Without much questioning, hesitation and doubt, Connie told me it was ok for her to help me bring stuff back to Hong Kong. She was even so generous to have given me a 15 lbs quota to fill! Since I will be having lots of children at my cocktail party, I am going to need a giant amount of candies in total. Connie being able to help me bring back a whole 15 lbs is a BIG blessing and relief to me.


The order and my communication with Connie went smooth. Being consistent with her promptness, as soon as Connie came back to Hong Kong, she informed me my stock was ready for pickup. As I need to work full day everyday, I had my maid, Maricel, to pick up the candies from Connie’s home so as not to keep her waiting.


It is everyone’s wish to have a friend who is so doubtless and devoted to help in times of trouble. I have one. She is Connie and she is my Santa this year.


Candies stored at the freezer for later use.


128 kbps vs 192 kbps





我呢位八十年代嘅兒女,今次 Wedding Party 梗係唔少得一個八十年代 嘅 Medley 時間(之前 Francis 喺另外一個 blog 度都有提及過我地揾歌個過程)。我平時去人地嘅婚禮,如果有呢個環節嘅話好多時都係個 DJ 揀歌,啲歌就會有啲識有啲唔識(我講我自己啫)。今次自己 party, 為咗貫徹呢個 DIY 嘅理念我梗係會自己揀歌同自己 mix 埋個 medley. 之單係我就擔心,呀,如果自己求其上網 download 啲 mp3 個 quality 會唔會同現場播碟或者播 CD 個質素同個效果差好遠呢? 於是乎我就質詢一下我呢方面個專家好友 Edward Chan 喇。根據佢所講,mp3 唔係唔得,不過起碼要 192 kbps 以上嘅先好攞出嚟 fung, 如果唔係個效果會好差。我開頭就諗住死啦,平時 download 嗰啲九成都係 128 kbps, 我要揾成差唔多 50 首,要揾齊全部 192 kbps 以上(仲要係舊歌)咪有排揾?!加上 download 嘅時候要續隻 check 吓個 bit rate 咪好煩?我又有諗過試吓吹雞叫所有人集齊有關嘅 CD ,慢慢 rip 返我要嘅歌出嚟。但係我諗起個工程好似好龐大,好似唔係好值得咁做。之後又醒起,我聽講過 Edward Chan 隻耳係犀利到識分別 44.1 mhz 同 48 mhz, 咁我其實係咪唔駛理佢呢?=p 不過佢平時係一個唔係點 heah 人 嘅人,所以我覺得佢答得我我都應該要信佢。於是乎,我做完咗一部分嘅佈置上嘅 sourcing 就試吓上網做賊 download 歌喇。


我仲記得只係前一、兩年,除咗上搜狗以外,要上網 download 個別嘅英文 mp3 都有若干嘅難度,因為喺外國只要有人 upload 一隻歌,就會好快俾人掃蕩,即係好似我地嘅微博俾人河蟹一樣。但係原來今時唔同往日,原來喺 google 度好容易揾到一啲好似搜狗嘅英文版咁,即係一啲本身無存儲 mp3 嘅 網站,但係就作為中介搜尋器幫你揾吓啲歌邊度有得 download. 最正嘅係,喺你 download 之前 display 埋隻歌嘅 quality, duration 同 size. 之但係我話晒都要 download 差唔多成 50 首,所以都要喺幾個呢啲嘅中介搜尋 website 度揾先揾得齊。呢啲 website 包括:,,


最後,我用咗一晚時間,將我所有要嘅快歌都 download 到晒 high quality 版!我之前喺度擔心件事會好艱鉅都只係一個禮拜前嘅事,但係宜家已經 mission completed! 好開心!雖然最後自己都可能聽唔出 128 同 192 kbps 嘅分別,但係宜家硬係凝住 what I have is 正嘢嚟嘅!下一部就係到 mixing 喇。不過宜家好眼瞓,要瞓覺先!nigh nigh and thank you, Edward Chan!



呢幾日從喺淘寶搜購佈置上嘅嘢跳躍咗去喺網上睇婚紗。基本上我已經定咗好多佈置同 rundown 上嘅嘢,最後先嚟 source 婚紗。呢段時間好多人問我揀咗婚紗未。實情係,我宜家個形狀未接近到時候結婚個形狀,好難去試衫。加上自從我肥咗之後,同埋體力又差咗,我真係完全無咗個 excitement 去行街買衫,去試、除、試、除、試、除。同埋我從來都覺得,衫係永遠都睇唔完,出面永遠都有更靚同更好嘅等緊我。所以喺 Francis 同我求婚後嗰一個禮拜,我呢個 google 摩打手已經喺網上面揾咗好多各方面嘅 reference pictures, 包括我揾到一條我同 Francis 都好鍾意嘅婚紗,而我揾到呢件好鍾意嘅就停咗,就無再去揾。咁我仲喺度 source 咩呢?就係揾人幫我訂做呢條我地鍾意嘅婚紗款出嚟喇。


我本來喺淘寶都揾咗啲可以做婚紗嘅舖頭,但係佢地吓吓開價五百幾蚊,平到有啲驚(竟然今次係嫌人平!);本來今日都會同 Francis 去金巴利道度睇吓,但係最後我地都係 heah 咗喺屋企。我又無衝動上深圳同廣州住,所以我暫時都係停留咗喺上網 research 吓揾邊度做婚紗好。


揾吓揾吓,俾我揾到啲真係唔揾開都唔知有嘅嘢:當我仲以為婚紗得金都、中環、金巴利道同頂晒籠黃埔有,然後就到要北上嘅深圳同廣州之外,原來內地有好多廠已經 skip 咗俾婚紗舖食一層佣,直接整咗全英文網站,俾外國人訂做婚紗。佢地skip 咗婚紗舖嘅 designer, 咁係咪揾個農夫幫你做設計呢?咁梗係唔係啦。我地作為中國人乜嘢關於中國嘅歷史同背景都可以唔知,但千萬唔可以唔記得我地偉大嘅祖國嘅厲害之處,直頭係驚天地泣鬼神嘅神乎奇技--翻版!(笑)呢啲外國人叫 US front China back 嘅婚紗店,放晒所有出名嘅 designer 所有嘅款式上去,收你原價五份一甚至乎六份一嘅價錢幫你度身訂做一條俾你。大部份重要有得俾你加 option, 譬如轉 用 silk, extra beading, 等等,同教晒你點度身同埋俾你提交自己尺寸嘅 form。有啲 shop 除咗 online 有個色版之外,仲會免費寄啲珠珠、珠片 同 color swatch 俾你揀!你額外有咩要求就可以 email 佢或者同佢地 online chat 個 rep 講,我亦已經測試過,啲 online rep 係操流利英語!佢地喺寄條裙俾你之前會影張相俾你睇,有嘢唔啱就可以改,等你 confirm ok 之後就會 DHL 條裙俾你!


咁類型嘅廠/店仲要唔止得一間,係有好多好多間!大部份都係喺蘇州,我地祖國最強嘅婚紗之城。我睇完晒之後直頭係呆咗,同埋驚歎內地朋友嘅進步同變通能力之強。咁好啦,落單嘅過程就天花龍鳳,咁最後個製成品係點先?經過我喺網上面做咗幾日嘅資料收集,發現有啲呢啲店,可能係後起嘅,質素就比較參差啲。但係歷史耐啲嘅就你交代啲咩,全部幫你做到足,手工重要非常好。有啲 forum 專門俾人分享用過呢啲大陸婚紗廠嘅準新娘嘅經驗。有啲成功個案嘅客人 post 晒相出嚟,見到真係好靚,手工超好,佢地自己亦非常滿意,感動到喊,俾$200 美金可以有條 designer wedding gown。但當然無咁好嘅廠就有好多失手 case. 而我發現到最容易失手嘅係客人自來款式,唔用佢地自己本身網上面嘅款式,或者太多額外要求,咁佢地就會有機會出錯。


如果我地香港人真係諗住用佢地,其實都幾著數,因為我地可以用中文同佢地溝通,唔駛用英文,省卻不必要嘅溝通上嘅出錯。不過你問我,我都係驚萬一收到真係錯晒真係唔知點算,結婚咁難得一世人一次有咩事起上嚟真係揾嚟搞。但係最開心嘅係當我再調查一下,原來口碑零舍好嗰間 原來係喺深圳,我就可以親自上去溝通同試身,有乜唔啱可以即刻叫佢地改!唔駛驚收到之後要 handle crisis! 我明天就會打電話俾佢地同佢地溝通好,再問佢地地址,我遲啲瘦多啲之後就會揾日同 Francis 剷上去!我會繼續喺呢度 update 個進展!Meanwhile, 有興趣嘅朋友可以參考呢個專門講 嘅 board: on


Wedding time = Taobao time

Yes, as Francis describes it- sourcing, sourcing, sourcing. Everyday is about sourcing and sourcing. Luckily, I can find most of the things I am looking for on my hometown, Taobao. I have no idea how people could have survived sourcing for wedding before Taobao was even invented!


Talking about taobao, that reminds me of one person who deserves my thanks. My Wangwang account was hacked earlier this year that has caused me to not be able to communicate with Taobao sellers with it anymore! My dear new friend, Grace, is so kind to let me use her account for chatting with the sellers before I 拍 my items with my own account, which function is still (touchwood) unaffected.


Styrofoam circular boards. Styrofoam circular cylinders. Paper lanterns. Photo frames. Fabric donuts. Napkins. Runners. Polymer clay. Candies. Acrylic paint. Toilet paper. Serviettes. Ribbons. Fake flowers. I am completely pleasantly drowned in all these target to-buy items. If you need to talk to me, go onto Wangwang and search for this user called tinkalin. That would be your best bet till Oct 1, 2012.




今次我地個 wedding, Peak Lookout 俾咗一個 free flow of beer and spirits 嘅 package 我地。佢地 contract 裡面寫住包 Gin, Vodka, Rum, Bourbon 同 Scotch. 雖然我唔識飲酒,但係我都知 Whiskey 應該要有,所以就私自同餐廳嗰邊講叫佢地加埋落去。佢地就要求我地拎走返一啲本身有嘅 items. 我呢個完全對酒無認識嘅人士,唯有捉住我 daddy 同佢傾。 佢開頭話 rum 可以 remove, 後來就話其實 bourbon 係美國版嘅 whiskey 所以要加 whiskey 就唔駛要 bourbon. 咁我同佢 confirm 一次,係咪拎走 bourbon 要 whiskey, rum 就照 keep. 點知 daddy 同我講:


「唔駛 rum 啦!!係海盜先飲 rum 㗎咋!!!」


雖然我啲 friend 嚟自五湖四海,咁但係又真係無海盜! 咁好啦,我拎走 rum 啦! :D



呢排去咗兩個屋企人阿 Day 同子通嘅 wedding, 兩個都好開心、好感動!同時間令我醒起,我宜家已經開始搞我地個婚禮,就算呢個搞嘅過程係幾 enjoyable 都好,到時搭正 10 月 1 號 準時開始,但係過咗 24 個小時以後,一切所有搞嘅嘢就就都完結同成為過去。我宜家諗起都覺得好 amazing 同唔捨得!所以我宜家個心情好矛盾,雖然我有啲 idea 想快啲見到出嚟個效果係點樣,但係又驚一切好快就會完咗!所以時間呀時間!唔該你快啲同慢啲丫!



我呢排為咗 maintain 呢個網頁,專登整理咗一下我部 Macbook Air 個中文輸入法等我打字可以打快啲。話說我係用拼音輸入法嘅,即係用普通話嘅拼音去打啲中文字出嚟,但係我亦安裝咗廣東話輸入法,因為有啲廣東字譬如「咗」、「㗎」、「嘢」拼音輸入法係輸入唔到嘅;另外有啲口語化啲嘅字我就真係唔知個普通話點讀。所以如果以前我要打一篇好似呢篇嘢咁嘅,我就要動用晒 English, Canto 同 Pinyin 輸入法,要㩒 Ctrl-space 轉嚟轉去,好不惱人!


最近的起心肝去整理個輸入法,首先係喺個拼音字庫裡面加返啲廣東字。只要我用廣東話打出嚟,然後 save 落個字庫度,再入埋個 input code, 譬如個「瞓」字我會入 fen, 咁以後我喺拼音輸入法打 “ufen” 就會打到個「瞓」字。另外,有幾個我自己常用嘅口語化字,我就上網 check 返個正確普通話讀法。以下係我嘅開心大發現,好想同大家分享一下:


咩/乜 = mie
靚 = jing
嘅 = kai
佢 = qu
唔 = wu
諗 = shen!!
叻 = le!



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