Chocolate Parking Chairs

Today, I heard from Joey about how this multifunctional friend of ours tried to help us.


Birgitta Elinda Chan, a devoted lady who is a professional in 2 seemingly unrelated fields of culinary and education, met Joey when they both went to church choir over 20 years ago. After having lost touch all these years, one random day during our current social networking era, the friendship of these 2 sentimental souls rekindled on facebook. The 2 of them have endless to chat about children, food and psychology. Earlier this year, Joey and I were so blessed to have Elinda over to our small home to prepare us 5-starred hotel quality oysters, our favorite foie gras and other delicious fine dishes. I also learnt a lot of professional cooking tricks from this talented chef.


At this stage of our wedding preparation, we are basically sourcing, sourcing and sourcing. Mind you- neither Joey nor I are google newbies. We are both better than amateur googlers and, a lot should know that, Joey IS determined when she is in search of something. However, there are a few things that really put us to a challenge. First of all, she wants to find a really big chocolate fountain- one that is bigger, or I should say, taller than the 3-tier fountains that we usually see in restaurants or the like. We have tried everywhere but luck is yet to come. Then, we would like to purchase parking coupons for our guests who are going to drive to the Peak on our wedding day. Unfortunately, Hang Lung Properties, the owner of the only parking lot at the Peak, only sells parking coupons to their clients and not to end-users like us. Amazing enough, Elinda has the connections to place us closer to the possibility of getting a giant chocolate fountain and parking coupons. To make sure things 1 person can help with are unrelated to the extreme, she is also helping us enquire about renting chairs for our church ceremony.


3 challenging tasks and 1 resourceful and generous lady- the core ingredients of 2 grateful and thankful donuts.



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Birgitta Elinda Chan:

No need to say THANK YOU la. I’m so glad I could have helped. ^.^

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