Santa Connie

In a section of our cocktail party, we are going to need lots of candies. Needless to say, the first place I try to look for them is TAOBAO!! And of course, this place where they have everything did not fail to return some hits of candies of a huge variety. Just that, other than the categories of humans and livestock, foods is one of the very few categories which I have never purchased from Taobao. Apparently, the reason is because I have heard enough of the food manufacturing scenes in Mainland China and I want to minimize the chance of swallowing their output into our bodies. After doing a quick skim through of the available candies in this shopping heaven, since these candies are for my guests’ consumption, I decided to not get my candies there.


Then I diverted my attention to local candies. Here in Hong Kong, there is this chain of HoneyBee pick-and-weigh candy stores that are the most well-known and popular locally. I decided I would get my candies from them. However, when I looked up their product shots on their website, I found the products look really familiar- aren’t they the same candies that I had seen on Taobao!? I was trying to go for quality and turned my back to our Mother Land but it seems that they have penetrated our everyday lives in more ways that we have thought of! I am left with no other options but to go for these local stores. I shall keep my fingers crossed for a miracle that these products only look like those sold on Taobao by coincident…


Yet, the candies available at HoneyBee do not have some must-haves like jelly beans and rock candies. Well, we do have jellybeans in Hong Kong but they are of the luxurious brand Jelly Bean which is going to cost me tens of thousands for the amount I need. I then looked into some online candy stores that ship internationally. But we’re talking about shipping from the North American to Asia. These stores warn especially about the high chance of candies melting and breaking during delivery of such a long distance. I was completely stuck without knowing what to do. My determination to get them had me try my luck to ask on Facebook to see if any of my friends who still reside overseas (preferably the USA) would be coming back to Hong Kong during these times. I planned to order the candies online and ship to my friend in the US and then my friend help me hand-carry the candies back to Hong Kong for me. Then my Santa replied.


Connie Leung, my high school friend at Earl Haig in Toronto, lives with her family which includes 2 pretty children in Fairfax, Virginia. Connie and I haven’t met in plenty of years. Basically, it is as many years as I have graduated from Earl Haig. But our distance did not stop her efficiency in replying my call for help on Facebook. Without much questioning, hesitation and doubt, Connie told me it was ok for her to help me bring stuff back to Hong Kong. She was even so generous to have given me a 15 lbs quota to fill! Since I will be having lots of children at my cocktail party, I am going to need a giant amount of candies in total. Connie being able to help me bring back a whole 15 lbs is a BIG blessing and relief to me.


The order and my communication with Connie went smooth. Being consistent with her promptness, as soon as Connie came back to Hong Kong, she informed me my stock was ready for pickup. As I need to work full day everyday, I had my maid, Maricel, to pick up the candies from Connie’s home so as not to keep her waiting.


It is everyone’s wish to have a friend who is so doubtless and devoted to help in times of trouble. I have one. She is Connie and she is my Santa this year.


Candies stored at the freezer for later use.


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