117-item to do list


These days, Joey and I find that there seem to be too many tasks to do and things to buy for our wedding. Hence, we have decided to write up a to-do list. When we have finally put down the last thing we can think of to prepare for our wedding, we’re shocked to realize we are on row 118 on the spreadsheet!


We were prepared that putting together a wedding party was not easy but this has to be the longest to-do list that both of us have ever come across! To try to make things a little easier, inspired by some to-do lists from real weddings we have found on the Internet, we have grouped the tasks into three stages and given each stage the following deadlines respectively- end of February, end of June and end of August. The first deadline is approaching. So far, we seem to still be in the honeymoon period and are still excitingly completing all expiring tasks on time. Although we both have a belief that some of the things later on will naturally fall into place following the completion of other tasks, we also know we can easily get ourselves too hectic and stressed out from the heap of work. For this, we owe our thanks to all of our friends who had got married before us. This is one of the most emphasized and common warnings from them. Joey and I are well aware that we should delegate most of the tasks on that day to others so we can enjoy our big day without transforming into a godzilla. So, friends, are you ready to help us with these 118 things??? Catch!



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