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Gallie wrote on November 14, 2011:
U must count me in, rite??????
Feel so excited and soooo looking forward to!!!!!!!
Truda/Ruru wrote on November 14, 2011:
OooOoooo....so excited & nervous!!
cherry wong wrote on November 14, 2011:
congratulations to joey and lofan!!!!!! cant wait for ur BIG DAY too!
susan lee wrote on November 14, 2011:
even if you don't invite me, i will be standing just around the corner with jesse and jerry. they will probably holding a box of tissue for my tears of joy.
and even if you decided to use some makeup artist of your choice (which i wont be offended) i will be your ah 4 and do touch up for you all day long. so now that you have a website showing the itinerary for that day. it really saves me time to do the stalking part. lol

on a serious note, please let me know what i can do to help? i have skin care and makeup i can supply for you two, and lots of wedding related business experience....use me! :D

can't wait to see you walk down the isle (and cry me eyes out)!! so happy for you two!!

lots of love!
Spencer Loong wrote on November 14, 2011:
The website is finally launched. Congratulations to you couple. Any assistance, just call me.
Avila Law wrote on November 14, 2011:
Haha, I am(Well, should be 3 of us - ABC are) interested in every sessions above, am I greedy? Well, just kidding, just handle at your ease and the way that fits both of you. I just can't wait to see that you two finally stepping into the new era......I love you two!
Elke Tsui wrote on November 14, 2011:
Yes of course, are u kidding me!!?? Van, val and i would very very much like to attend on Oct 1!!!
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